Terms and Conditions for Consent to Participate in Research

Information Letter and Informed Consent

Project Title: Co-learning Towards Respect and Reconciliation in Mi’kma’ki


Dr. Emily Root
Assistant Professor, CBU
Cape Breton University

Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo Willox
Canada Research Chair, Determinants of Healthy Communities;
Assistant Professor, Community Health, Department of Nursing,
Cross-Appointed with Indigenous Studies, CBU

Stephen Augustine, MA
Dean of Unama’ki College and Aboriginal Learning, Unama’ki College, CBU
Hereditary Chief of the Signigtog Region, Member of the Grand Council

Dr. Kathy Snow
Assistant Professor, Department of Education
Cape Breton University
902 – 563-1170 

Research Purpose:

This project will examine the experiences of people (including students, participants, instructors, and support staff) who participated in the open access course Learning from Knowledge Keepers of Mi’kma’ki (MIKM 2701). We aim to identify and explore themes related to teaching approaches, relationships, reconciliation, and co-learning. We are also interested in the ways that online spaces influenced class dynamics, learning communities, resource sharing, transference of learning beyond the course timeline, and democratic learning. 

Research Description:

We would like to invite you to participate in this qualitative research study by submitting your reflection paper from the Knowledge Keepers of Mi’kma’ki as data.

All information collected in the form of written reflections will remain confidential and will be used only as part of research work being carried out by researchers and their research assistants at Cape Breton University. The researchers will know participants, however, the anonymity of all participants will be maintained in the public sphere and in all documents and presentations accessible outside of the research team. Participants who are quoted directly will be provided pseudonyms and no personally identifiable information will be given out at any time. In the event that a particular statement made by you (the participant) has the potential to reveal your identity (despite the use of a pseudonym, and/or due to your unique role in the course) we will consult with you directly and individually to determine your wish for whether or not (and how) we use or omit that statement.

All data collected will be stored in a secure location throughout the research project and for 5 years following the completion of the research project. Access to data will be granted only to the researchers listed above or assistants working directly for them.

You may choose to cease your participation in this research at any time during data collection and analysis phase. Following data collection and analysis you may request to have your written reflection withdrawn from the research at any time prior to the dissemination of findings. Following the dissemination of findings, anonymous participant quotes may be made available in a written publication about the research findings. It would be impossible/impractical to withdraw research statements at or after the time of dissemination.

This research project has received ethics approval from the Research Ethics Board at Cape Breton University.

The decision to participate or not participate in the research is entirely yours and will in NO way influence your successful course completion or assessment.

Participants will be informed by email of research findings and of any future research outputs such as reports, publications, or presentations.

Informed Consent

You may indicate your informed consent to participation in this research by clicking on the “YES” button to indicate that, “Yes, I consent to my reflection being included as data in the research project, and I have read and agree with the information and informed consent letters provided. Please submit my reflection for the dual purposes of research and obtaining the course completion certificate.”


You may decline participation, without any penalty, by clicking on the “NO” button to indicate that, “No, I do not wish to participate in research. Please submit my reflection for the sole purpose of obtaining a certificate of completion.”

If you have any questions that have not been answered satisfactorily by the researcher(s) or supervisor(s) named above, please contact the Vice Chair of the Research Ethics Board at Cape Breton University, Derrick Hayes, at (902) 563-1312 or email derrick_hayes@cbu.ca

Note: Participants are to be informed of the researcher(s)’ “Duty to disclose” suspected abuse or neglect of a child or an adult in need of protection. Under section 23(1), Nova Scotia Children and their Family, The Protection of Children and Adoption (1990) states that “Every person who has information, whether it is confidential or privileged, indicating that a child is in need of protective services shall forthwith report that information to an agency.” Agency is defined as “an agency continued by or established and incorporated pursuant to the act…” that is, Nova Scotia Department of Community Service Child Welfare.