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UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger

The CBU Rotary Recording Room and Digitization Lab

The Rotary Music Performance and Analysis Room is a multi-functional space that can be used for a variety of audiovisual and research projects.

CBU Courses in Language Research

MIKM1145 Introduction to Linguistics Cross-listed with ANTH1101, COMM1107
Credits: 3
Exclusions: Unavailable to students with credit for MIKM107, ANTH107 or COMM107.
An introduction to the scientific study of language. Topics include phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and the heritage languages of Cape Breton (Mi’kmaq, French, Gaelic and English).

MIKM2140 Linguistic Anthropology Cross-listed with ANTH2100
Credits: 6
Prerequisites: 6 credits Introductory Anthropology and/or Sociology.
Exclusions: Unavailable to students with credit for MIKM208, ANTH208 or HERT208.
An introduction to socio-cultural aspects of language’s forms and functions as expressed in various cultures, including language’s interplay with perception, gender and class. Focus will be on collection and documentation of language materials with emphasis on insider/outsider research. Mi’kmaq, Gaelic and Acadian materials are emphasized.

MIKM3141 Mi’kmaq Lexicology: Theory
Credits: 3 COURSE DESCRIPTIONS Cape Breton University Academic Calendar 297
Exclusions: Unavailable to students with credit for MIKM321. Explores various theoretical approaches to dictionary construction for Algonquian languages such as Mi’kmaq.

MIKM3143 Mi’kmaq Lexicology: Applied
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MIKM3141 or permission of instructor.
Exclusions: Unavailable to students with credit for MIKM323.
Students will conduct lexicological research on Mi’kmaq. Difficulties of capturing indigenous world views through English translation will be explored.

MIKM3245 Language Contact, Change, Death and Revitalization Cross-listed with AN/S3214
Credits: 3
Exclusions: Unavailable to students with credit for MIKM363, AN/S363 or HERT363.
This course examines how languages change when in contact as well as the very serious process of language death, which is now happening on a global scale. Discussion also focuses on suggested solutions to the rapid loss of linguistic diversity. Languages such as Mi’kmaq and Cape Breton Gaelic are highlighted for analysis.