Apply to Program (Student)

In.Business Application

Please read all of the information below before you fill out the Student Application Form. To apply for the 2019-2020 program (to start in the fall of 2018), you must fill out both a Student Application Form and a Student Recommendation Form.

The program will consist of the following:

  • Opening Conference in Fall 2019 (1-2 days depending on region, possibly out of province)
  • Weekly activities via social media for the duration of the program (2-3 minutes/day on average)
  • Closing Conference in Spring 2020 (1-2 days, depending on region, possibly out of province)

In order to remain in the program, all students will be required to actively participate in the three activities listed above.

Submitting your student application form indicates that you have read and understood these expectations.

In order to be considered for the program, students must also submit a completed Student Recommendation Form. This form is filled out by a teacher, guidance counselor, or principal on behalf of the student. For a copy of the Student Recommendation Form, please click on the link below:

Student Recommendation Form 2019-2020

Only those applicants who are selected will be contacted.

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