Project Documents

Discussion Papers

Between March and July 2014 the expert panel on hydraulic fracturing released 10 discussion papers. These papers were posted on the website, emailed to stakeholders and discussed widely among media sources. After each paper was released there was a 2 to 3 week period for feedback and commentary. Taking all feedback into consideration each paper will in due course become a chapter of the final report. The original discussion papers and the feedback on those papers is posted here.

Public Meetings

Note: The above power point presentations were subject to changes based on stakeholder feedback during the public meeting period. Each presentation may alter slightly from the previous presentation.

Audio Recording Courtesy of Mark Pineo, Kings University

Outreach Strategy

Proposed Approach to Community Outreach

Links to Expert Panel Meeting Minutes

Report Structure and Timeline

Draft Report Structure – March 28th

Draft Discussion Paper Release Timeline– UPDATED June 25th


Hydraulic Fracturing Review Information Session – Halifax, April 15th 2014:

Other Project Documents

Draft Code of Conduct for Members of the Expert Panel on Hydraulic Fracturing in Nova Scotia

Agreement between the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Cape Breton University

Letter from the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness regarding the Hydraulic Fracturing Review

Sedimentary Basins of Nova Scotia – Map Courtesy of the Nova Scotia Department of Energy