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Triple Divide – Fracking Documentary – Trailer

Dr Ingraffea Facts on Fracturing

Frackonomics Pt 1 – Deborah Rogers

Frackonomics Pt 3 – Al Appleton

Letter to the President about chemicals disrupting our bodies: Theo Colburn at TEDxMidAtlantic 2012

Calvin Tillman

1/3 Marcellus Shale Exposed: Tony Ingraffea /Keynote

2/3 Marcellus Shale Exposed: Tony Ingraffea/ Keynote

Senator Brad Hoylman Hosts Deborah Rogers on Frackonomics

Calvin Tillman, Tim Ruggiero presentation April 27, 2011 and Josh Fox’s Statement Piece, Affirming Gasland: A de-bunking document in response to specious and misleading gas industry claims against the film, 2010

Natural gas and polluted air – The New York Times, 2011

Fault lines: Elsipogtog, the fire over water – 12/06/2013

Fracking vs Health Forum – 5/02/2013

4 Frack Myths – Ingraffea – 03/09/2013

Fracking Invasion – Starzec Farm – Montrose, PA – 12/07/2013

Standford Professor Mark Jacobson on pathways to %100 renewable energy conference – 4/19/2013

Burning Water – Bunbury Films

Shattered Ground – The Nature of Things

Split Estate – Red Rock Pictures

What the Frack? Natural Gas from Subterranean Shale promises US Energy Independence — With Environmental Costs [Slide Show] – Scientific American

Sacred Spirit of Water – Morningstar Mercredi

Jessica Ernst Exposes Fracking and Drilling Crimes in Alberta – March 2014

Dr. Ingraffea: Why Not Shale Gas in NY? – July 2013

Deborah Rogers Speaks in Hampton – November 2012

Deborah Rogers Q&A 1 – November 2012

Deborah Rogers Q&A 2 – November 2012

The Truth about Fracking – November 2013

Oil Companies Dumping Radioactive Waste in North Dakota – CommonDreams, Rachel Maddow Show, 2014

Earth Matters – Is fracking the blue bridge to a green future? – Standord Earth Sciences, October 2013

Campaign for Local Power – September 2013

Fracking Invasion – Starzec Farm – Montrose, PA. – December 2013

Health Effects of Shale Gas Extraction: What is Known and What can we Predict, 1st Annual Conference, 2010. Links to presentations:

Health Effects of Shale Gas Extraction: What is Known and What can we Predict, 2nd Annual Conference, 2011. Links to presentations:

Information pieces, pamphlets posters and other

No Fracking Way! Hydraulic fracturing poses serious risks to water and health – Hydraulic Fracturing – The Council Of Canadians

PEHSU Information on Natural Gas Extraction and Hydraulic Fracturing Information for Parents and Community Members – Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units – 2011

Implications of An Exploratory Study of Air Quality Near Natural Gas Operations – The Endocrine Disruption Exchange

Number of chemicals detected in reserve pits for 6 wells in New Mexico that appear on national toxic chemicals lists: Amended document. – The Endocrine Disruption Exchange, 2007

Spotlight on Clean Technology in Nova Scotia – Analytica Advisors

National Primary Drinking Water Regulations – US EPA

CAPP’s Guiding Principles and Operating Practices for Hydraulic Fracturing:

Fracking and the Food System – Food & Water Watch, 2012

Focus On: Hydrofracking – Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.

Does Hydraulic Fracturing Cause Earthquakes?: Facts on Geo-Seismis Activity & Natural Resource Development – Colorado Oil & Gas Association

Fracturing By-Law 45 – Municipality of the County of Inverness

Impediments to public health research on shale (tight) oil and gas development – PSE May 2013

Meeting Summary North American Well-Bore Integrity Workshop – Denver CO 2013