Discussion Forum 2

Welcome to the Hydraulic Fracturing Review Discussion Forum #2

This discussion forum has been developed to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments directly to the Expert Panel on select discussion papers. This is part of the Hydraulic Fracturing Review’s ongoing efforts to solicit feedback on the work of the Expert Panel.

Topic: Energy Well Integrity

Expert Panel Members: Dr. Maurice Dusseault

Project Administrator and Moderator: Margo MacGregor

Date Open: July 2nd 9am 2014

Date Closed: July 3rd 5pm 2014

Discussion Format: The online discussion forum will be open for questions and comments from stakeholders starting at 9am on July 2nd ending at 5pm July 3rd. Dr Maurice Dusseault will respond to the questions and comments within the next 3 to 5 days after the July 3rd close of the question period.

We will only be accepting and answering questions directly related to the topic of the discussion paper “Energy Well Integrity”. You can access a copy of the discussion paper by clicking on the link in blue above.

When you submit a question or comment it will not automatically show-up in the discussion forum news feed. Questions need to be moderated which may take several hours. All questions are moderated during regular work hours between 9am and 5pm. If your question does not relate directly to the forum topic it will not be considered. Duplicate questions may be filtered as well. We also request that if you have mutliple questions that you submit each one individually.

When you enter your first question you will be prompted to provide a name and email address. Your name will show up with your question and we encourage you to use your full proper name.