Global Learning (Study Abroad)

Want to pack your bags and take an educational trip to remember? CBU has an active student exchange program through partnerships with universities from around the world.

What is a Student Exchange?

  • As part of the CBU Exchange Program, you will have the opportunity to study in another country for one semester or one year.
  • You will earn credits toward your degree (you will require approval from the academic school in which you are studying).
  • You’ll pay your tuition and related fees to CBU.

Exchange Program Overview

Why do an exchange?
  • You will develop independence and life skills that you could not otherwise learn on campus.
  • By meeting new people and visiting new places, you’ll see the world from many new perspectives.
  • You will learn about other cultures and ways of life, and the inter-relationship between cultural values and behaviours.
  • You will develop a greater sense of yourself as a Canadian and of the distinct features of Canada as a country.
  • It will set you apart from other job seekers in a competitive market.
  • Successfully completed course credits will be transferred back to your home campus.

Generally students accepted on exchange programs pay Cape Breton University tuition and retain any Canadian financial aid they may have. Students must be eligible for appropriate entry visas (if required), and are responsible for travel, living and other personal costs, including health care.

How do I get more information about studying abroad?

Information about the Study Abroad Exchange Program, including exchange possibilities, and an application can be obtained by submitting an inquiry below.

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