Tuition and Fees FAQs (COVID-19)

On this page, you will find FAQs related to tuition and fee updates with regard to COVID-19.

Tuition and Fees FAQs (COVID-19)

Tuition and fees remain unchanged because the University is working hard to make sure that students still have the ability to complete their coursework, take exams and receive grades for the courses in which they are enrolled. 

CBU Recognizes that the student experience has changed significantly in recent months with the decision to transition to online learning. This transition is necessary due to COVID-19 health and safety considerations under the guidance of Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness. 

As a result, CBU staff and faculty are working hard to ensure this transition does not impact the quality of education provided by the University. CBU’s commitment to providing high-quality, innovative learning experiences remains unchanged, despite having to adapt to these unexpected circumstances. While online delivery is not what we intended, it is what we must do in order to keep our campus community safe. 

Tuition is vital to maintaining the academic community and operations of CBU, in addition to providing the support students require now, and when we return to normal operations. 

We continue to lobby provincial and federal governments for support for our students and our university.

There will be no reduction to rates for the Fall/Winter 2020/2021 terms. Transitioning to online delivery does not change the amount we will invest in order to ensure academic integrity and quality for our students. 

That being said, the following fees will be waived for the fall semester: 

  • Campus activity fee ($36 per semester)
  • All lab fees ($67 per lab)
  • Online learning fees ($96 per course)
  • Provide a $24 rebate per three-credit course on the differential fee for international students

We know that much has changed during these unprecedented times, but we remain committed to bringing CBU students a quality learning experience. Tuition supports this commitment and helps Cape Breton University deliver the academic infrastructure and expertise our students deserve.

As you know, the decision to move to online learning was not an easy one to make, but it is in the best interest of our campus community safety. While this decision changes the way in which your education is delivered, it does not change the standard to which that education is held. 

We will continue to support core services to students in a remote delivery format until public health advises it is safe to reopen our campus.

All lab fees will be waived for the fall semester.

Tuition payment deadlines are posted on the CBU website and this continues to form our expectations of how students will manage their financial affairs. As always, if you have concerns about meeting your financial obligations you should contact the Student Finance Office to discuss your situation and learn of the impact upon your continued studies.

We know that COVID-19 has created many uncertainties and concerns about summer employment are high. The Government of Canada established the Canada Emergency Student Benefit which is available to Canadian Students. President Dingwall continues to push the federal government to expand the benefit to include international students. 

The Government of Canada has eased working regulations for international students, allowing them to temporarily work more than 20 hours, in essential service sectors, while studying, during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We continue to post student employment opportunities to and have established a vetting process for employers to ensure they have safe work practices in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.