Travelling to Canada (To Nova Scotia)

In preparation for your return to Canada, please carefully review the terms from the Government of Canada to make sure you meet the criteria that will allow you to travel to Canada. Those terms are listed here

If you meet the criteria, please be aware all students travelling to Canada, from another country, are required to complete the federally mandated 14-day quarantine regardless if they were previously studying in Canada or not. Students arriving in Nova Scotia from outside of Canada must complete their 14-day quarantine at a CBU designated location and must have their quarantine plan approved by CBU prior to entering Canada. Please choose one of two options listed below and fill out the Quarantine Commitment form.

Students should also know that they are financially responsible for their accommodations during the 14-day quarantine period and must provide payment prior to arriving in Canada. New-to-CBU students must also pay their first year of study tuition and returning students must ensure their accounts are in good standing.

Effective January 6, 2021, the Government of Canada now requires everyone flying into Canada to have a negative test result for COVID-19. All passengers must present their airline with proof of a negative result from a PCR test taken within 72 hours of their scheduled departure time. Without proof, passengers will not be allowed to board their flight.   

Upon arrival, all post-secondary students are strongly encouraged to get one test for COVID-19 on day 6, 7 or 8 of their self-isolation, as asymptomatic testing continues to play an important part in containing the virus. To book your appointment, please click here. Appointments must be booked up to three days in advance.

Should you require transportation to and from your testing appointment, please call 1-844-996-0694.

Cape Breton University Quarantine Options:

OPTION 1: Cape Breton University On-Campus Residence 

For any student who commits to living in CBU Residence for the January-April 2021 semester, there will be no cost for accommodations during the 14-day mandatory quarantine period, with the exception of a $20 per day mandatory meal plan. A total of $280 will be billed directly to your student account. After the quarantine period is over, students will be moved to an on-campus apartment. For more information on residence costs, or to fill out your Residence Application, please click here

Note: this option is not available for family members who are not eligible to live in residence after the quarantine period (non-students).  

For students who only wish to stay in residence for the 14-day quarantine period, the cost is $1050 per person, which includes 14 nights of accommodations and the $20 per day meal plan. This cost will be billed directly to your student account. Please note, extensions of stay will not be permitted, as rooms will be required for additional students requiring accommodations for their 14-day quarantine period.   

OPTION 2: Cambridge Suites Hotel, Sydney, Nova Scotia 

Students who wish to stay in the off-campus location at the Cambridge Suites Hotel in downtown Sydney must make their own reservation directly with the hotel for the reserved block of rooms under “CBU Quarantine.” The total cost for this option, which includes room and meals, is $1,712.90. Please call 902-562-6500 to make your reservation.

The cost associated with this option is $102.35 per night, for a total of $1,432.90 for 14 days. This is payable to the hotel prior to arrival via credit card. Meals will be an additional $20 per day for a total of $280. Meals will be delivered to your room three times per day, for 14 days.  The $280 cost of meals will be billed directly to your student account.

If you are travelling with a family member(s) or support person(s), the cost of the room will remain the same. However, each person will be charged an additional $20 per day for meals. This additional charge will also be billed directly to the students account.

Please fill out the Quarantine Commitment Form listed below, which will be submitted to a CBU Committee for review. Please check your CBU email daily, as CBU may need to reach out to you with further questions.