Student Travel

International Student Travel: Fall 2022

In preparation for your arrival in Canada, please carefully review the terms from the Government of Canada to make sure you meet the criteria for travel. Please also review the links that follow on this page carefully to ensure you fully understand the federal and provincial COVID-19 protocols that are in place for both designated learning institutions and students.

Students who have not secured housing accommodations should not travel to Canada, and are encouraged to defer their studies until they can secure housing.

IRCC Changes for Studying Online

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has recently announced changes to restrictions for post-secondary students taking online courses as it relates to their future post-graduate work permit (PGWP) applications. 

Please note, time spent studying outside of Canada can be counted toward the overall length of the PGWP until August 31, 2023. Any time spent studying outside of Canada after August 31, 2023, should be deducted from the length of the PGWP.

Arriving at your port-of-entry into Canada:

When you arrive at a port-of-entry into Canada, you’ll meet a border services officer who will make sure you meet some basic requirements for arrival in Canada.

Fully Vaccinated Travellers

Students 18 years of age and older must qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller to come to Canada to study as an international student. Students must upload proof of their vaccination status in the ArriveCAN app before they board their flight to Canada. Remember, entry into Canada is at the discretion of the border services officer who will make the final decision about whether a student qualifies as a fully vaccinated traveller, so please be prepared to follow the COVID-19 quarantine and testing requirements.

Airport pick-up in Sydney, Nova Scotia is now available from August 22 – September 4, 2022. Airport pick-up requests must be submitted 48 hours prior to your arrival time in Sydney, Nova Scotia and you must also have accommodations secured before booking. For more information about on and off-campus housing accommodations, please visit


International Student Health Insurance

Arriving in Canada September 1 or later? Your international student health insurance plan with Cape Breton University will begin on September 1, 2022, or on the date you arrive in Canada if you arrive after September 1, 2022.

Arriving in Canada before September 1, 2022? Please visit and click EARLY/LATE ARRIVALS.

You can also learn more about international student health insurance at CBU. A list of international student health FAQs is also available.