JKC Student Employment Resources

As a student, networking with the people in your life can lead you to new, unexpected or unadvertised employment opportunities.

What is Networking?

Networking is the process of getting other people to help you find employment. The people in your network can help give you new leads for potential employers. With only 15% of successful job hirings originating with answering an open job ad, networking is overwhelmingly responsible for 85% of successful hirings today. Download our Basics of Networking PDF to learn about these key components of networking:

  • 1.) Your 30 second sales pitch
  • 2.) The Informational Meeting
  • 3.) Cold & Warm Contacting
Basics of Networking

Need more Networking help?

Use this handy Contact Networking Worksheet to take your very first steps towards networking, and check out these helpful Informational Interview tips.

Post-interview, a strong Follow-Up Letter can seriously increase your chances of landing the position.