Student Transition Coordinator Profiles

Meet Your Student Transition Coordinators


Charlotte Clarke
Student Transition Coordinator

Charlotte is a third year Bachelor of Arts student with a concentration in History. This is her second year as a Student Transition Coordinator at the First Year Advising Centre and she can’t wait to help you get started with your CBU journey! Originally from Toronto, Charlotte understands how daunting it is to start at a new school in an unfamiliar place. She is looking forward to helping students in similar positions navigate the process and make CBU home, just like she has.

Taylor Coleman
Student Transition Coordinator

My name is Taylor Coleman and I am a student transition coordinator! I just finished my third year of a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Growing up in Cape Breton and coming from a proud CBU alumni family, there was no other place that I wanted to do my undergrad other than CBU. In the fall, I will be moving on to study to become a dentist, which was been a goal of mine for a long time. My favourite part of my job is meeting new CBU students. I look forward to helping and sharing my positive CBU experience with other students!

Virginia Keli
Student Transition Coordinator

I am from Nairobi, Kenya. I joined CBU in the Fall of 2018 for a 4-year degree in Public Health. As an international student, I was impressed with the work that my advisors did helping me transition to not only a new system but also a new learning environment. I know how challenging it can be to transition as new student far from home and as a result, I lend a helping hand whenever I can. I am passionate about culture and getting to know different people and CBU provides just the right environment for that! I look forward to helping new students transition smoothly into their campus life.


Madeleine McInnis
Student Transition Coordinator

Madeleine is from Havre Boucher, Nova Scotia, and is a third-year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in English with a minor in History. She is involved with the Communications department as a Lab Peer Facilitator and is passionate about helping students achieve their goals. Outside of her studies, Madeleine enjoys exploring Cape Breton and spending time with family and friends. This is Madeleine’s first year as a Student Transition Coordinator, and she is excited to help students prepare for the transition to university. She knows that this can be an overwhelming time, and wants to make sure that students know all of the ways that CBU is there to support them!

Brooke Ramsey
Student Transition Coordinator

Hey there! I’m Brooke, a 4th year CBU student from Sydney Mines, NS. I’m in the Bachelor of Arts program, and as a communication major, I love making connections and working with others! When I’m not working, you can find me out with friends, obsessing over music, and playing video games new and old! I was part of the First Year Advising Center Team last summer in 2020, and I enjoyed it so much I was thrilled to come back and continue working here. Every year of my experience at CBU has been varied and unique, so I’ve pretty much seen it all—meaning no matter what challenges you’re facing, I’ll do my absolute best to help! I love being able to add new people to the list of who I’ve met during my time in university, and I’m happy to be one of the first new faces for those reading this to see!