Online Examination Process

Not all courses require exams.  When they do, it is up to the individual professor to decide if the exam will be online or written ‘in person’.

If you live in Industrial Cape Breton, you will be required to attend CBU on the date and time indicated by your professor and/or the online exam schedule.

If you live outside Industrial Cape Breton, you will be permitted to write in your community under the guidance of an approved proctor.   You will be expected to write on the same date, at the same time as on campus students.

Who Can Be a Proctor?

A proctor must be a professional individual working at a university, college, school or library. She/he cannot be a relative or someone with whom you reside.  Your proctor may NOT be a student.

As we have students from around the globe we do not maintain a database of approved individuals.  However, we are willing to work with you to identify someone who meets our guidelines.

What Do I Need to Do?

  • Submit a Proctor Approval Form to the Online Education Office for each exam you are required to take (at least TWO WEEKS prior to the scheduled date).
  • Provide payment, if required, to the Proctor.
  • Show your photo ID (CBU ID, driver’s license, etc.) when you arrive to write.

The exam and instructions will be sent directly to the approved proctor.  Under no circumstance are you permitted to receive or return your examination package personally.

Please note: 

It is your responsibility to submit proctor approval forms for each off-campus exam you are taking at least two weeks in advance of the examination period.