What does it mean being an Aboriginal Business Student

Hello everyone, my name is George Sark; I am of the Waycobah First Nation Reserve. I am also a 48 year old mature student, married for 21yrs. with 5 children and 4 grandchildren. Currently I am in my third year at Cape Breton University, and I am taking up Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Community Studies and Psychology. Previously before attending school, I was in the commercial fisheries for the last 25 years. I hold two captain certificates, one for commercial fishing and the other for passenger vessels. About six years ago, I suffered a stroke and was no longer capable of working on the fishing boats; so my band decided to put me in the office because of my background and knowledge of fisheries. I have worked in the office for 2 years and discovered that although I knew about the business of fisheries, I didn’t know about business. There is a considerable difference between the two, which I was to discover. Upon discovering this new revelation, I decided to attend university, and picked Cape Breton University. The main reason I picked CBU was the variety of backgrounds among its professors, who were from all different universities around the world. This would mean that the university had an array of styles from which to learn from, and it was a newer university with a progressive approach to teaching. As for picking the Bachelor of Community Studies program, I felt that I needed to learn how to work in groups with a wide variety of personalities, ages, ideas and approaches to solving whatever task came at hand. This was something which I felt that I needed, since I knew that I had become too set in my ways and was becoming more single minded of my approach to new projects. And finally, I decided to pick Psychology which would assist me in learning about the different ways people think, how they feel, their behaviours, attitudes to a certain situation and how I am affected by others and who they are and to accept them and their ideas. Mostly so far, I have learned more about myself than I ever would have expected. This course has so far helped me tie all the other courses together in my approach to learning business. This is the road I have chosen for myself, and I believe that I have become more enlightened, approachable, aware of my environment and truly educated about business and people so far. I still have more to learn, but I know that CBU is helping me build a solid foundation of learning, which I will be able to bring back to my community and share.