Week 6- My fifth blog!

Only two weeks left until I finish my summer internship! The time is flying by and as my internship is coming to an end I am getting closer to starting university. This week I spent most of the time adding ore blog posts to the resource kit and thinking of some challenge ideas. I came up with around nine more ideas to add to the bank of challenges, most being tourism related. I added a couple blogs to the resource kit that I felt could be useful to the student’s one was about the E-spirit business plan competition and the other was tips on writing an excellent resume.

During the week Allan had asked me to review the compile the online survey results which I sent out to the student who did not make it to the final gathering in Millbrook. I created and sent the survey out during the first week of my internship and had only received five out of thirteen completed surveys. This was better than none I suppose. After compiling the results I had to combine them with the Millbrook questionnaire results.

Finishing up the week I started to research scholarships that are available for aboriginal high school students in Nova Scotia and across Canada. I will also add a post about available scholarships for any high school students. The only challenge is that most of the scholarships are expired and have not yet been updated. This is something that I will continue to keep adding onto.

Besides work, this summer has been going great! I have spent nearly every weekend away doing something exciting. A couple weeks ago I spent the long weekend camping along the Cabot trail and doing some sightseeing. We went all around the Cabot trail and even end up camping near the top of the island. Every camp ground was fully booked for the night and the only one we could make it to before it got to dark was past meat cove in a small fishing community. I haven’t been passed Ingonish before so everything was new to see for me. Now I plan on going camping again before the summer ends but for longer and hopefully check out some of the hiking trails. Next time we will be booking a night at the camp grounds in advance! Last weekend I went to Millbrook for the powwow and to visit family it was a lot of fun.