Week 5- My Fourth Blog!

So now that I am on my fifth week of work I have completed half of my internship with the Purdy Crawford Chair. Since my last blog I have been mostly working on the online mentorship resource kit. Last week I started working on my own personal business portfolio blog which included everything that I have passed in for the mentorship program along with some of the things I have done for E-spirit. I will post the link below if anyone wants to see my blog. This is going to be something that the students will have to create during the program starting next year, so I created mine as an example.

 This week I also created some more challenge ideas to add to the bank of challenges which I started working on in the beginning of my internship. It is getting more difficult to create these challenges due to my lack of business knowledge and experience but at the same time it is educating me. I have learned more about different types of careers in business and what kinds of duties are performed in the different professions from the research that I have done.

 I also added a blog about Wab Kinew and Candy Palmater who have joined us at the gatherings for the mentorship program this year. The last thing that I have added this week was a blog about the best practices in blogging. This could be useful for the students when they begin working on their own blogs for the program.

Here is the link to the blog that I have created as an example: http://jennasmentorshipblog.blogspot.ca/