Week 4 – Work Continues

Well, we are at the end of week four. This means we are complete 33% of the internship already!

In the meantime, I continue to debunk Aboriginal Business one chapter at a time. It took a lot of refining my work process, but it's so much better this way. I realised that I already do this in my head as we go through class anyway – to finally have a chance to write it all down and contribute to the first ever textbook on the subject is pretty awesome.

It's just as awesome that it's a chance to say things about the textbook that, at times, seem outrageous. Saying the outrageous things is the fun part – the icing on the cake is I know that Vin and Shawnas extensive collection of literature and other resources, and the Purdy Crawford Chair's primary research are there to back me up.

We will have a meeting on July 10 to present our findings to our co-workers and discuss what we would like to see from this textbook. The opportunity to have real input on this textbook at a number of levels is incredible. It's going to be an awesome book and a very important development in Aboriginal Business. Too bad I will already have a degree by the time this book comes out.