Week 4- My Third Blog!

So I have been working for the Purdy Crawford Chair for over 3 weeks now! Time has been going by quickly for me; I’m already on my fourth week! So for this blog I’m going to mention some of the things I’ve been working on up to this point.

 The first week that I started working I was mainly focused on getting the Facebook page set up to start advertising the Mentorship Program ASAP. When I came to the office in Membertou, I had difficulty with this because Facebook didn’t work on the computer. So what I began to work on was creating an online survey to be emailed to students in the Mentorship program who did not make it to the Truro conference. We still needed their input and opinions on the program to help us improve!

The next thing that I started working on that week was a bank of challenges that could be used for the program. This bank of challenges was a list of challenges that were ready to be used if the mentors needed an idea or didn’t have time to create an idea. My goal is to come up with eight different challenges for each different area in business. I finished the week off working on my first blog which I decided to write about my experience in the Mentorship program.

The second week I continued to work on the challenge ideas and also start researching some possible aboriginal guest speakers for the conferences next year. One of the speakers that had caught my attention was Scott Ward. Near the end of the week I was finally able to open up the Facebook page and start inviting students to join. The second blog that I had written for this week was about my experience at E-Spirit.

During my second week I went to meet Allan and Lenny to talk about the program and from this meeting resulted in the idea of a resource kit for the students in the mentorship program. So for week three I began to work on this. It was decided that I would take care of the How To’s for the resource kit. This included how to… make a YouTube account, upload a video, create a blog using blogger.com, commenting on a blog, and using the BlackBerry. At the end of the week the Mentorship resource kit blog was created.

So far between Lenny and I we have Canadian business schools w/ majors and the How To’s added to the blog.