Week 2- My second blog

So I am now nearly finished my second week of work, it went by really fast for me. I have decided to write my second blog about my experience at E-Spirit which I have attended over the past few years. For those who don’t know… E-Spirit is a national business plan competition specifically for Aboriginal High School Students all across Canada.

I went to e-spirit for the first time when I was in grade 10 (3 years ago) and the competition was held in Ottawa. This was my second time going to Ottawa that year, the first time I went was for the AFOA conference where I started to consider studying business at university level. Anyways back to e-spirit, I was looking forward to going and was very confident about my business plan. Because I had no idea on how the presentation and tradeshow was suppose to look, I just made it up. Still feeling very confident about my display and presentation the competition began. To my surprise I realized that I had put my PowerPoint together wrong and probably should have worked a little harder on my display. I managed to survive the embarrassment and still tried my best only to stumble into another problem, I had stage fright. I never really had to present anything in front of many people so I didn’t realize that I had this problem. The second year the competition was held in Moncton, New Brunswick where I was able to learn from my mistakes and improve but still had a hard time presenting. The first business plan I did was a doggy day-care and the second was a clothing store. My group and I had managed to take home an award during my second year for the best video. I have really become interested in E-spirit at this point. I loved having the chance to go away and meet many first nations from across Canada. The third year was my final year so I wanted to work harder and try to win. I was excited to know that the competition was going to be held in Manitoba, Winnipeg, a place I haven’t been before. This year I decided to create a shoe store as my business plan which was call Mkusnik for everyone. The biggest accomplishment for me was that I presented feeling more confident than ever. I was really impressed with the improvement of my presenting skills. My group made it to the finals, and to me it was like winning. We didn’t have the best presentation but we did win an award for team spirit! Now I am finished with high school and will not be attending the competition anymore, but I have volunteered to help the students in high school next year with their business plans.