Week 1- My experience in the Mentorship program

So this will be my first blog and the topic I have chosen is my experience in the mentorship program. Back in September Allan came to my school to talk about the mentorship program and possible careers in business. I thought it would be a good experience to apply especially since I will be going to university in the following year and I was still unsure of what I wanted to do. I applied for the program and was very surprised to find out months later that I was one of the thirty chosen.

The first conference took place in Membertou, my own community so I didn’t have to do any travelling. I really enjoyed the first evening. All the students got placed at tables with business leaders and had the opportunity of talking with them. The following day was the conference and we all sat at tables according to what BBM group we were in, I was in accountants. Throughout the day we got to meet all of the other students and mentors in the program. Before this conference we had to complete a video challenge in which a video had to be prepared to show that day. Everyone had great videos and awesome ideas.  Candy Palmater was the guest speaker at this conference and she was very entertaining. I was really inspired by her stories and had a few laughs during them with her sense of humour. We had to do a challenge as a group later that day. Each table was given a very basic business idea that was to be in the community we were assigned. Then we had to come up with a more descriptive business idea to share with the judges who were considered the bank managers during this challenge. Each group’s goal was to convince the judges that they should fund their business and the judges only could fund one. The day ended leaving me excited for the next conference

Between the first and second conference our BBM groups were assigned challenges that we had to complete by a given date. The challenges were assigned to keep us engaged in the program and our BBM groups. The second conference was held in Millbrook in June. This time I would be doing a little bit of travelling. The first evening of this gathering we met for dinner as a group then afterwards had a scavenger hunt. For the scavenger hunt we had to run around, find, and then take a picture with the marketing signs for different businesses we seen at dinner. Then later we got to watch Wab Kinew, who would be joining us at our conference, perform. I never heard of this talented rapper before but was very impressed with his skills. The following day the conference started. We got to hear the new chief in Millbrook talk about the business opportunities that the community offers alreadyand will offer in the future. Then we got to hear a review about a book called Cibou and get our very own copy. I started reading the book myself and really enjoy the story. Next to talk with us was Wab Kinew with his motivating stories. His speech was very inspiring and entertaining.  Like the last conference, we had to make a video but this time the prize was a bursary that could be used towards a business degree at CBU. The video challenge was described as “rant your resume”. We all had to tell the judges why we would be the best candidate to award a bursary to, in a video that was 30-50 seconds in length. The day was just about complete at this point with only a short challenge left to complete and the given out of certificates and Purdy awards.

This is just a very short overview of my experience in the mentorship program. I did skip over a few details but overall I enjoyed having the opportunity to participate in the program. Now I work as a student intern and look forward to help make this program even better for next year.