The text book; the journey continues

When last I wrote on this topic I discussed the input we had received from students from across the country and how we were waiting for "final" input from a national roundtable. The roundtables have come and gone and the discussions of whether this will be a stand alone text or one to accompany an existing " Introduction to Canadian Business" have for the most part been decided. After much discussion and debate, the "first" Canadian text focusing exclusively on Aboriginal Business will be both a stand alone text which has cross disciplinary applications and/or a supporting text to accompany existing Business texts. It is our hope that Aborignal students from across the country will join us and write supporting caselets for the chapters. I have been asked many times, why the need for this text? Isn't business the same? Many aspects are the same, but there are unique situations around land ownership and the ability to raise equity, negotiated treaties and land claims, cultural norms and expectations, alternative business structures, niche marketing and the list continues. We are soon poised for a broad call for expression of interest from authors. Stay tuned.