Team Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business!

I Met with the staff of the Purdy Crawford Chair this week, we presented all our work projects, shared some information that may be useful to each other’s projects.  Finding out what everyone was working on was a really good team building exercise. I was motivated by hearing about everyone’s progress and what everyone is learning about, and how all our projects tie together. The meeting to helped us regroup our individual efforts as a team and move the projects forward together and accomplish them.

Our research projects will help the Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business achieve their 2nd year goals of developing a textbook for aboriginal business and record the Unamaki economic partnership model. Publishing the textbook and Unamaki economic partnership model will ensure that other First Nations in Canada can access information about best practices in aboriginal business and economic partnership to help them economically advance their communities.

My project to date is collecting stats data about the number of aboriginal university business students, transcribing interviews, and creating an interview list to continue the research about the Unamaki economic partnership model and researching aboriginal business students.  I’ve learned how the Unamaki economic partnership came to fruition, how they operate and form successful partnerships with industry and aboriginal communities.