Second Week

Today I am finishing up my second week of work, I love working on Fridays.  Since I've been here in Sydney, I have hiked up some hills, one of the hills called Egypt Falls and the other one, Coxheath Mountain, which were very steep.  Both of these hikes were very tough, I would still like to hike these hills again.  The Cabot trail was very nice, Allen Mackenzie was nice enough to give us the grand tour of the park and it was a full day of seeing beauty.  The first weekend here, we went to an Aboriginal Business Youth Conference in Millbrook, which was also very nice, and entertaining.  At the conference, I met Wab Kinew, he was one of the guest speakers, a very talented and respectful man.  I was happy Mary Beth had taken me and my roommate dragon boating, after the second time, I think I might have got the technique down and I'm looking forward to the competition coming soon.  Things I would still like to do would be, eating a nice big lobster, golf, see a whale(s), cook my own lobster, and maybe have Allen Mackenzie a race.  Cape Breton is such a beautiful Island, it reminds me of back home (Manitoulin Island), with the scenery, nice fresh air and perfect temperature for now.  I plan do some more exploring of the Island in the future and maybe a trip to Halifax to say, “I've been there and done that”.