Recognition goes out to High School Students

I am currently mentoring 5 students in the Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program, through CBU. I believe these students deserve recognition for all their dedication with this program. I have students who are currently involved with sports, going to school, working and involved with this program and 1 that is involved with all 4. When dealing with situations like these it helps them to understand how time management, education and positive thinking comes into play. (POSITIVE thinking results in POSITIVE outcomes). It helps guide there careers and helps them discover improvements in your life. Sometimes looking back at your experiences, struggles and accomplishements in life helps you to use them as stepping stones to achieve your goals, while critiquing areas to help you move forward in your life with the decisions that you decide to make afterwards. It’s all about staying away from negative influences, and learning how to turn a negative influence into a positive outcome or just removing yourself from the situation all together. Surrounding yourself with positive people, and or being involved with people you see as an inspiration. Remember you have the POWER to control your emotions. You have the POWER to achieve your goals. You have the POWER to think positive. You have the POWER to be anything you set your mind to. I see a drive in all of my mentoring students and I see alot of them recognizing things in their life and learning how to use them to move forward. I see ambition in all of them and I see that as something that will help them excel in there studies and in there careers. I am very proud of ALL of them for staying focused. Education is important in your life’s. It helps you grow, it helps you understand how to deal with situations in and out of work, it helps you learn from your struggles in your life, it helps direct you into achieving what you want in life. It helps you choose your paths in your careers. It helps you know the difference between whats right and whats not, it helps you to see how vast and wide perceptions are and how they can influence our decisions, it helps you learn to see the bigger picture from different perspectives, it helps open your mind to many different possibilities and many more. There is so much EDUCATION can help you with. RECOGNITION to the following students goes out to:

  • Ashley Gallant-Zwicker – GR 12
  • Laine Foxton – GR 11
  • Anoogway Pictou – GR 11
  • Peter Simon – GR 11 
  • Norlene Sylliboy – GR 11

Keep the momentum going!!  Great job everyone!!!                                            Laine Foxton – GR 11              Anoogway Pictou – GR 11      Peter Simon – GR 11   Ashley Gallant-Zwicker – GR 12  Norlene Sylliboy – GR 11