Opportunity, success and inspiration through the Unamaki economics partnership and Aboriginal university business students! [1min read]

This week, I conducted my 1st interview for the Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business, with a Membertou business owner who has participated in the tar pond remediation and Unamaki economic partnership model. It was a good interview to hear about the successes that has impacted Membertou and other Unamaki communities through the economic partnership and tar pond remediation. It’s good to see the power of partnership, team work and communication working so well here in Unamaki. It’s very inspirational, knowing that this will be a published study so that other First Nations could learn from this economic partnership. I have contacted all of the Canadian universities for stats of Aboriginal business students. I have received some information, tallying a group find of 394, plus diploma recipients at Yukon College. It’s definitely an eye-opener to hear back from some universities who have the stat info, ranging from large to small numbers. Seems like there is a good trend happening for the Aboriginal university students in business, meaning more economic opportunities for Aboriginal people across turtle-island. I look forward to completing a few more interviews and receiving more stats information.