National Aboriginal Day Profile of Lawrence Wells [1min Read]

Meet Mr. Lawrence (L’lun) Wells. He is one of the Elders in Residence found in Unama’ki College at CBU. Lawrence is a very generous man and is always willing to help with a ceremony or traditional teachings here at CBU. You can find him in Unama’ki College at least two days a week and is always very friendly and telling jokes.  Today on National Aboriginal Day we celebrate L’lun for all he does at CBU. Name: Lawrence (L’lun) Wells Sr. Title: Elder in Residence, Cape Breton University/ Addictions Counsellor, Membertou Wellness Home Background: Mi’kmaq from Membertou First Nation Lawrence Wells or L’lun, as he is often referred to in his native tongue, is a Mi’kmaw Elder from the community of Membertou. He joined Unama’ki College as one of our Elders in Residence in 2015, and is an exemplar of the qualities of humility, respect, and tolerance that identify the Mi’kmaw Elder. In addition to his work at CBU, Lawrence also works at the Membertou Wellness Home as an addictions counselor with a cultural component. During his time in this position, he has networked with the youth, Elders, and various first nations in the Atlantic region. Parts of his cultural teachings include pipe ceremonies and sweat lodges. Lawrence has shared his extensive knowledge of Aboriginal culture and traditions for over 25 years and is known as the `Keeper of the Children, Keeper of the Fire, and Keeper of Lodges’.  He has also been an addictions counselor and worked with the Native Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counseling Association (NADACA) in Eskasoni. Lawrence leads by example and is always ready to participate in activities with children and youth that incorporate the sacred in everyday life. He is a noted wood and stone carver and has crafted pipes for prayer. In his spare time, he enjoys attending powwows, talking circles, traditional dancing, drumming, singing, and he is an Eagle Staff Carrier for Membertou. Lawrence is perhaps best known for his positive attitude, his generosity with his time, his knowledge of the Seven Sacred Teachings and ways we can heal ourselves, and for his affinity for nature. He does not believe in barriers and is available to students for support as needed. Unama’ki College is proud to have this admired and loved individual as a member of our family.