Last Day with CBU and in Cape Breton

Today is my last day working with CBU and I have to look back and say that I enjoyed all my time spent working with the university. I am glad that I have had the opportunity to move halfway across the country and be able to work with a wonderful organization for a month. Cape Breton Island has been an extremely beautiful place to wander and explore. Working with the Purdy Crawford Chair has been an experience that I will definitely carry with me in my journeys as a post-secondary student. I have been extremely fortunate in my time here, having participated in various activities from hiking and going to Glooskap Caves to being able to support a wonderful cause with other CBU staff at the Cape Breton Dragon Boat Festival.

                One of the main opportunities that I was glad I had the opportunity to take part in was being able to sit in on MBA classes offered here at CBU over the summer. Through this opportunity I attended a class called Comparative Development a few times that was taught by Dr. Edwin MacLellan. Through the class I was able to contribute my knowledge in the field of Aboriginal Community Development and held my own in talks about development with MBA students that came from China, the US, and other parts of Canada.  We covered topics such as leadership impacts on development, general issues facing First Nations communities, ecological impacts of development, and dead capital on reserves.

               Overall, I would have to say that this has been one of the best experiences that I have ever had and would love to come back to Cape Breton if given the chance. Some of the things that surprised me were how nice everyone seemed to be out here on Cape Breton Island and just the overall beauty of the area. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent here and am thankful for all the wonderful people that I have met as a result of my time here.