How do you write a textbook? Why?

I think the why is easier than the how. A few years ago when Mary Beth Doucette and I were musing about the creation of  the Purdy Crawford Chair we spent much time on the topic of Aboriginal content in Business Cases and in Business Textbooks. More correctly we spent much time discussing how little to nothing existed. Our three student roundtables from coast to coast confirmed the dearth of Aboriginal content in Business programs and the students voiced their concerns. When we informed them one of our goals was to write the first such text in Canada there was genuine awe and hope. Fast forward four months and four of the roundtables participants from western and central Canada with some input from the Atlantic group met at CBU last week to discuss work to date on the topic and how the text should look. Are we writing a text to be used for all introductory students in Business or a text for an elective? How do we marry the history with the future? What is the role for “best practices” ? How should the chapters logically develop?…………and the discussions continue. As we approach the end of a VERY productive spring/summer session most of these questions will have been answered and we will be well on our way to being able to present our view of this text to a fall meeting of academics of AAboriginal Economic Development in the fall. Stay tuned!