First Week

Well, the first week of being on Unamaki is up. It was extremely busy! (Unamaki = Cape Breton Island and is pronouced Una – Moggy.)

I flew all day on Saturday May 26th and arrived at the Sydney Airport on Sunday at exactly 12 am. Then we caught a taxi to CBU. It was a cold night.

The next day, Vin and I met with Shawna and Lorissa and went for brunch at Kijus – it was really good – and a tour of the island.

The first place we stopped was a warm up hike around Goat Island. We learned that there are salt water lakes. The one we stopped at was Brass Door lake. The water tastes gross and there are lots of shrimp and shell dwelling creatures in it.

Next, we went to Cross at Eskasoni First Nation. It was during the middle of the day and very hot. The other kids almost died trying to get up the hill. Poor them. It was an interesting climb. There are prayer stations going up the trail where people pray on their way to the cross. We learned that Eskasoni members go up there once a year for a ceremony. It was a beautiful view.

Then, we went to Egypt Falls. We pretty much were lost for hours before we found it – it was scary. Then, we finally found the trail to get to the falls. We saw some trail goers halfway, "have fun getting back up" they said. haha. It got pretty steep toward the bottom of the trail. The other workers are ameteur climbers so they had to hold onto a rope for the last little stretch. The falls were beautiful and I can't wait to go back if it ever gets warm enough to swim here. The funny part is there was a group of egyptian students hanging out at the falls. How ironic is that? Then, we had to climb up the water fall sides in order to get back up the hill. We climbed up and the others nearly didn't make it back up. :/

We stopped at a town called Baddeck for supper on the way back. It's also on the shores of Brass Door Lake.

The next day, Monday, the first real day of work, Allen took us on the Cabot Trail. It was an early day. We started at 8 am. I was tired but it was no problem – we just stopped at Tim Hortons and problem solved. Then the next stop was a beach near the largest ski hill on the Island. It was our first stop by the Atlantic Ocean. It was nice but cold!

Next stop was Ingonish. It was a great hike and I got some of my best pictures there. We didn't see any man-eating coyotes but the others claim to have seen a whale.

We stopped at a restaurant for lunch and I had a great smokey burger – I want another one.

Then, I don't remember where else we stopped. I know we drove for a while and towards the end, there was a moose that looked not more than a day old in the ditch. Poor thing.

I was surprised that there were actually "mountains" here – even if they were not a km tall.

Ok. This is not even the whole weeks blog. It's only the first two days. I'll need to create another blog soon. We did so much last week that it won't all fit into one blog but if I wait too long, I'll forget it all.

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