First Week Continued

So this blog will continue my first week of being here on Unamaki.

We went to Eskasoni, Lake Ainsly (the only Fresh water lake for miles), Brass Door Lake, Cabot Trail, Ingonish, Cape Breton Highlands, a french community that starts with the letter A, Egypt Falls, Goat Island…all in the first two days.

The next few days were just as fun. I don't quite remember them though. I was about ready to die. I know we went on another hike at Coxheath Trails. Those were killer! Vin nearly died and I remember at one point waiting quite a while for the others to catch up. I was hoping that by getting so far ahead and being so exhausted that a man-eating coyote would notice and attempt to eat me and I could take a picture. It didn't really work out too well though. We were pretty starved after the hike so we went to Don Cherry's to eat. Apparently it's the go-to place to eat. It was packed and we had to wait forever and a day to eat. The food was good though.

Then, on Friday, we finally went to Millbrook for work. I travelled with Mary Beth, Shawna and Ann Therese. It was alright. At one point, we stopped by the St. Francis Xavier University campus. We were looking for the bookstore. We stopped at an intersection and all three women said we should go completely different directions to get to the same place. It was funny. It was also a very humid, mildly cold day. You could see your breath when you breathe. Everyone there was watching football and they all had blankets. :/

One our way to Millbrook, we passed by a creek that is connected to the Bay of Fundy near Truro. The mud there was a gross looking red because the soil is red. Kinda cool, kinda gross.

Finally, we arrived at Millbrook. The events were held at Glooscap Heritage facilities. The first event was a marketing scavenger hunt. This gave us a quick break. We met Wab Kinew and I was kind enough to buy him a coffee from Tim Hortons. After we went over the results of the scavenger hunt, Keith had the pleasure of telling everyone at my table the horrible but hilarious story of how he offered me my job here. This is when Wab mentioned he has a degree in Economics – so cool. I now know 6 indians with Economics degrees! We are a very rare commodity. Then we watched some performances by Wab – they were pretty cool. Then sleep at 10:30 after a long day or travelling and evening work.

The next morning, Saturday, we woke up at 7 am for another day of work. I mainly took a few hundred pictures. The best part of the day was watching the “Rant Your Resume” vids that the students made. We need to try this at home. At one point, I had a chance to talk with Wab. He gave me his business card and more work to do. I’m not sure if I would work for him in the future – he was emailing me the next morning saying “where’s my finished product?” haha. Jk. Of course I would.

Then Sunday, Vin and I went Dragon Boating with Mary Beth. It was pretty fun. I had no clue I was going to be so sore. Dragon Boating is going to be my favourite activity for the summer after hiking.

I’ve made a list of other things to do:

  • Go to PEI
  • Swim at Lake Ainsley, Ingonish, and Egypt Falls
  • Win all of the races at the Dragon Boat Festival in July
  • Go to the Bay of Fundy
  • See a full grown moose (everyone keeps talking about them)
  • Learn some more Mikmaq language
  • See a man-eating coyote
  • Experience a hurricane
  • Go to Gloosecap Caves
  • Golf

As one friend asked when I mentioned my plans – Do I even work? Yes, yes I do. I’m just writing a text book though. NBD. I have 10 weeks left to gitter done!

For photo’s visit this link:

I’ve also added three new photo’s to this album since my last post:

If you like my photo's as much as I do, feel free to hire me as the photographer for your next event. 🙂