February 2013 Update – the Business Network for Aboriginal Youth

February 2013 saw students work on 2 BBM challenges on a variety of business related topics.  Students were required to post their challenges to Facebook and to their own personal blogs.  The following is a list of challenge topics:


Challenge #5

Challenge #6


Strategic placement of  TV commercials

Developing a budget as an entrepreneur


Funding options for entprepreneurs

Effective communication


Developing a business based on a $250,000 budget

Marketing a business related to a skill/hobby


TV commercial for a new brand of chips

Role of the Human Resources Dept.


Role of a CEO, CFO, EDO &

Human Resources Officer

The effect of community debt on youth


In community tourist attractions

Skills needed for management

In addition to posting their challenge via social media, students are also required to comment on the posts of their other group members. Of the 12 different topics, there were some particularly interesting discussions via our Facebook group. 

Team Lentukk brainstormed about the essential skills a manager needs to be effective. Students felt that leadership and communication were the most important.  In addition, when asked what they feel is most important for effective management – to be feared, liked, or respected – respect was the unanimous choice.

At a time when TV commercials are in the spotlight (the Super Bowl), team Wowkwisk created short TV commercials for a unique and new brand of potato chips. Students filmed these commercials and uploaded them to YouTube with their BlackBerry devices. Some very unique and humorous videos were created!

Team Tiamuk had an exciting debate regarding the effects that community debt has on youth. One common concern was the adverse effect community debt will have on a community’s ability to fund post secondary education for youth.  In terms of a solution for community debt, the majority of students were of the opinion that growth in the area of economic development was the best solution to decreasing community debt. 

Team Kitpu’k discussed effective communication in business and some of its characteristics. They came to the conclusion that effective communication involves many different things. However, the majority of students felt that listening is the most important characteristic of effective communication.

Team Paqtismu'k was tasked with creating a business in their community with a budget of $250,000. It was very interesting to see which business ideas they came up with and how they managed their budget.

Team Muinaq was tasked with watching a TV program of their choice and analyzing the types of commercials that were shown. This topic sparked a great deal of discussion regarding how much influence a TV program’s target audience has on which commercials are shown.

With only 4 BBM challenges to go, the end of year gathering in May is creeping up! For more information about our program, contact allan_mackenzie@cbu.ca.