Facebook versus Twitter, Great Slogans, and what does it take to be an effective Manager?

January 2013 saw students work on 2 BBM challenges on a variety of business related topics. Students were required to submit their challenges to Facebook and/or their own personal blogs.  The following is a list of challenge topics for January.

Group Challenge #3 Challenge # 4

The role of the TIANS (Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia)

University business programs in Nova Scotia


Education needed for your ideal profession

Examples of good marketing in your community

Paqt ismu'k Organizational charts Mission and vision statements
Wowkwisk Catchy slogans Accounting designations

Examples of good marketing in your community

Skills needed for management

Video interview with a university grad

The business of Facebook  & Twitter

In addition to posting their challenge via social media, students are also required to comment on the posts of their other group members. Of the 11 different topics, there were some particularly interesting discussions via our Facebook group.  Team Lentukk compared and contrasted the use of Facebook and Twitter for business purposes.  Team Wowkwisk members offered some great tips for creating a catchy slogan.  Team Tiamuk debated the essential skills needs to be an effective manager. Team Kitpu’k offered examples of good marketing in their community, which sparked a discussion about the role of print media in an increasingly paperless economy. Team Paqt ismu'k created mission and vision statements for fictitious businesses in their community. And finally, Team Muinaq compared and contrasted business programs at Nova Scotia’s Universities.

Having the privilege and responsibility of overseeing this great initiative, I am very pleased with how engaged these future business leaders are! Made possible by social media and BlackBerry technology, we have 6 mentors from 5 communities, leading 30 students from 20 high schools, in exploring business opportunities. Who knew things like Facebook and BlackBerry could so educational?