Encourage your students to dream

Almost five hundred secondary school educators have been at CBU for a three day conference. The Atlantic Native Teachers Education Conference 2012 with the theme, Student Success in the 21st Century is soon about to conclude. Teachers, Aboriginal and non Aboriginal alike, were highly engaged in the presentation we did on the work of the Crawford Chair. In fact, the sessions were some of the most interactive I have ever experienced while presenting. The barriers faced by Aboriginal students who are engaged in studying Business in university and the barriers faced in trying to attract high school students to the discipline were the topic of wonderfully spirited discussion. Many participants were amazed to learn the Mentorship students were doing the program outside of school hours guided by volunteers across the province-Not done for a mark or a credit but done out of personal interest. I think this more than anything else opened the eyes of some teachers in the room of what is possible with the right approach, the right message and of course the right resources. Hopefully we encouraged a few high school teachers to consider Business as a discipline for their students and hopefully some were inspired by the student videos and their messages. Teachers can make a huge difference for their students. They can teach them subject material, but they can encourage them to dream!