Connections, Interrelationships and Coincidence

Connections, interrelationships and coincidence were a large part of my morning. It began having breakfast with eight or nine of our Aboriginal Youth Business Mentorship high school students whom I had the great opportunity to spend two days with in March. They were excited and animated about the opportunity to spend a full day at CBU learning about opportunities in the Shannon School of Business.  Joining us for breakfast were two former students of mine, one of whom I work with and the other of whom I haven’t seen for a while. Nice to reconnect.

That was followed by a meeting with a Professor from Taiwan and a President of a company which focuses on English language preparation. As it so happens, their son is graduating Saturday from CBU and they have travelled around the world to be part of his big day and our son is graduating as well and he has family who have also travelled a great distance to celebrate with him. We then spoke of the incredible community intervention their son worked on as part of his Community Studies program, “Every 15 minutes”. My wife is the Chair of that Department and as the coincidence continues; our youngest son was one of the participants from Riverview High School who worked with the Community Studies groups.

Increasingly my life is like that. I travel around the world and meet someone I know. I travel to Northern Manitoba to reconnect with former students.Today, Taiwan and Cape Breton were connected by parents who are here to celebrate their sons’ graduations and further connected by one son’s university work and another son’s volunteerism. As our Mentorship students chart their path in Business I am certain we will continue to cross paths and reconnect.