#CBUstaycation Challenge – Enjoy an ice cream at Neil’s Harbour Lighthouse

Yes, you read that right; you can get ice cream at a lighthouse! Who would have thought that an old lighthouse is also an ice cream parlour? They’re constantly adding new flavours, but of course the classic vanilla will be on the menu for a while. Ice cream not your thing? How about fudge! The Neil’s Harbour Lighthouse has a dessert that will surely please all different taste buds. Going around the Cabot Trail? You should probably stop at the Neil’s Harbour Lighthouse for a little treat, we heard it’s worth the detour! Plus, there’s a beautiful wrap around deck overlooking the water; ice cream and beautiful views?! Yes please! How to get there: Take the 105 W towards the Cabot Trail (55.8km) Turn right onto the Cabot Trail- exit 11 (27.1 km) Turn left to stay on Cabot Trail (signs for Ingonish/Cape North) (73.5km) Continue on New Haven Rd. Drive to Lighthouse Rd (1.2km) Pro-tip: Wait until sunset to grab an ice cream. It will make for a great pic!