#CBUstaycation Challenge – Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy a ceilidh

cei·lidh ˈkālē/ noun Technically a ceilidh is defined as “a social event at which there is Scottish or Irish folk music and singing, traditional dancing, and storytelling.” But here in the Cape we call it a party! And, we’re not afraid to bust a move or break into a jig. In fact, we keep our dancing shoes in the cruiser just in case we happen upon a spontaneous ceilidh. No excuses. We suggest you do the same! Because we’re Cape Bretoner’s and we’re obviously super fun, we have a feeling that this summer will provide many an opportunity to pull out those dancing shoes and get your ceilidh on. Our toes are tapping just thinking about it! What to expect: Sore feet the next day from dancing the night away New friends who will teach you new moves   Where to find a ceilidh: Rita’s Tea Room Governor’s Pub The Old Triangle Anywhere someone has a fiddle and the desire to dance.