#CBUstaycation Challenge – Find a Pit Pony underground at the Miners' Museum

Everyone knows that coal mining is a huge part of Cape Breton’s rich history.  Every day hundreds of men would go down underground in dangerous conditions to mine coal.  But did you know that the men weren’t the only “employees”? There were actually ponies too! The ponies were the perfect size to haul coal and help with other tasks in tight spaces with low ceilings. And because ponies are smart, they could be trained and counted on. They were loyal members of the coal mining family and played important roles in making sure everything was handled. Ever heard the saying strong as a horse? Ok, it’s really strong as an ox, but same idea! It’s because the ponies were so strong, they were able haul heavy loads with ease. Super interesting, right? So, head over to the Miners’ Museum and find the Pit Pony! You’ll also learn more about Cape Breton coal mining in general, and from men who walk the walk. The tour guides are retired miners who lived and breathed it. Pro tip: The Pit Pony isn’t necessarily real… What to expect:

  • An underground tour of the Ocean Deeps Colliery
  • Great conversation with retired miners, who know their stuff
  • A beautiful 15 acre site filled with roses and gorgeous landscaping
  • An amazing restaurant, so plan to stay for lunch!

Where to find it: 42 Birkley St, Glace Bay Mine tours are offered in the morning and afternoon. To book your tour for a specific day, contact the Museum directly at 902-849-4522. Summer Hours Open 7 days a week Daily: 10 am – 6 pm Show your #CBUStaycation card to get 15% off of an underground mine tour!