#CBUstaycation Challenge – Find a sand dollar on a beach

Sand cake, cake urchin, pansy shell, sea biscuit or sand dollar are just a few names that these beautiful pieces are known as. You see them along shoreline or in shallow waters… smooth, hard and usually bleached white from the sun. Skeletons that in life were covered in hair, nestled in fine and muddy water and crowded together in groups of up to 625. Cool, isn’t it? So, where are the best beaches to find sand dollars in Cape Breton? We’ve got one or two in mind. Point Michaud and Port Hood beaches are the right environments for sand dollars to thrive. We guarantee that if you walk these beaches that you’ll definitely find a sand dollar of your own. What can I do with my sand dollar, you ask? Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a window ornament
  • Frame your sand dollar and hang it on the wall
  • Loop with twine and hang on wall for beachy decor
  • Paint your sand dollar and place on table as conversation starter

Don’t forget to #CBUStaycation your find!