#CBUstaycation Challenge – Skip a rock at a Cape Breton lake

Cape Breton has some of the most amazing lakes in the world! But we get that sometimes you don’t necessarily want to go swimming. No worries. There’s lots of other things to do at a lake. Want to know what we love to do at lakes? Skip rocks! That’s right. Remember when you were a kid and you could never quite get it right? Well now is your chance.  And practice makes perfect. How to skip a rock:

  1. Find the perfect skipping rock. This is the smooth operator of all the rocks. It needs to be able to glide across the surface. Got it?
  2. Now, using your thumb and pointer finger gently position the rock at just…the…right…angle.
  3. Pull your arm back and throw the rock across the top of the water.
  4. Jump for joy that you just skipped a rock across a Cape Breton lake

Don’t forget to tag us using #CBUstaycation and #CBUh2o – oh, and tell us what lake you’re at!