#CBUstaycation Challenge – Find the unknown sailor on the White Point Hiking Trail

Who doesn’t love a great mystery? I know we do! So as the famous Freddy from Scooby Doo once said, “Let’s split up, gang and maybe we can dig up some answers to this mystery!” But before you get started on your adventure let’s talk about some background history first Who would’ve known that this little quiet town was once one of the more busier places in Cape Breton. Many, many moons ago this village was home to a lobster factory, church, school and a sawmill, not to mention many homes. And now the only evidence left behind is a few stone foundations and a cemetery, with a marking of the final resting place of the unknown sailor.. dun, dun, dunnnn. Now we don’t want your mystery adventure to be too difficult on you so here are some clues on how to get there:

  • Get off the Cabot Trail in the direction of Neil’s Harbor (if coming from Ingonish area)
  • Drive along the coast to White Point
  • Descending into town, but not to the docks, look for the Inn
  • Immediately to the right, you will find a dirt road that leads you to a parking spot.
  • Park and continue by foot!

Difficulty Level: 3 Length: 2h Cell Service: No Don’t forget when you solve the mystery by finding the unknown sailor to snap a pic and use #CBystaycation and #CBUhikes. Happy searching!!