#CBUstaycation Challenge – Explore the stories of Louisbourg on the Louisbourg Lighthouse Coastal Trail

Fun fact! The location where the lighthouse is today is the spot of the first lighthouse in Canada! That’s pretty cool if you ask us. The original lighthouse was destroyed in 1758 and was left unrepaired until 1824, when it was then replaced. The Louisbourg Lighthouse trail is a more leisurely walk and is all one level. It takes you around a loop on a boardwalk along the coastline allowing you to enjoy views of the ocean and take in historical information from the panels throughout the walk, there is a lot of history on this usually busy trail, each are of the hike has its own tale! Beyond this loop there is a rugged trail, this section is wet in places so be sure to wear proper footwear if you plan on taking the detour. Location: Havenside Rd, Louisbourg, Fleur-de-lis/Marconi/Metro CB Difficulty Level: 2 Length: 25 mins Cell Service: Spotty