#CBustaycation Challenge – Enjoy a beverage and a board game at the Underground Café

Let’s be honest, sometimes it gets too warm in the summer and you just want to spend an afternoon indoors. But sitting at home alone isn’t fun. Why not gather a few friends and play a board game while sipping on a coffee. We discovered this café called higher grounds; it’s actually underground, pretty cool! It’s located on Commercial Street in North Sydney, below Escape Outdoors. The have an array of books, or if you’re up for a challenge then grab one of their puzzles! Fun fact: we actually learned that the café used to be an old bank, and there are still some original features, including a vault where they used to store the money! This café is rich in history and there’s probably a ton more to discover, so gather some friends and try and unfold some more stories. Cape Breton is full of surprises and we have a feeling there is another café hiding underground. Road Squad Tip: set aside a few hours to visit this café, you won’t want to leave. And for all those who love taking pictures of their coffees, this is the perfect spot to get an Instagram worthy pic, but don’t forget to share it with us using the hashtag #CBUStaycation.