#CBUstaycation Challenge – Fly a kite at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site

Are you looking for something to do on a windy day? Why not fly a kite!

Cape Breton is filled with parks, beaches and open fields which are some of the best places to spend an afternoon flying a kite, but our favourite place is the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. Alexander Graham Bell was known for inventing the telephone, but also for his work with flight, making the museum a fitting place to fly a kite!

You can bring your own kite and join the other kites in the sky, or if you don’t have one you can make your very own kite in the museum. If it’s your first time making a kite, they have easy kites to put together. If you’re feeling up for a challenge, then ask to make a tetrahedral kite, it’s sure to keep you busy!

So, the kite is made, now what? 1. Put on your sneakers because this may require a little running to get started. 2. Find an area that you won’t bump into anyone. Try and have a clear path, so the kite won’t get tangled in the trees or with other kites! 3. Unwind the string of the kite. Make sure to unwind it enough to let the wind take the kite up into the air. This step is much easier if you have someone hold the kite up in the air for you while you wait for the wind. 4. Wait for the wind. While waiting for the wind, try and figure out the direction of the wind. Put your index finger up in the air and try and find out where the wind is coming from. 5. Run! Make sure to go in the opposite direction of the wind and get the other person holding onto the kite to let go. 6. You’re flying a kite! Now, how long can you keep it in the air?