Cape Breton Dragon Boat Festival 2012

The 6th Annual Cape Breton Dragon Boat Festival was held this past weekend with the official festival opening on Friday July 20 and the actualy races happening on July 21. This year was the first year that CBU has put together a team and thankfully me and the other interns were given the opportunity to be a part of it. The team was put together from staff and students at CBU. The Shannon School of Business, CBU's external department, Ground's crew, and the Purdy Crawford Chair were represented from the staff and students from the Shannon School came to help support the team as well. Our team was also surprisingly diverse with local Cape Bretoners, to First Nations from BC, Manitoba, and Ontario, to people from China and Egypt.

              Despite the fact that it was only CBU's first time competing in the competition, we managed to do well with me and Tim Dalon setting the pace for the rest of boat to follow up front. During our two races, we managed to come in third during our first race with a time of roughly 1 min 21 sec and in our second race we managed to come in second by shaving around 10 seconds off our previous time crossing the finish line at roughly 1 minute 10 seconds. In light of the fact that our team came in around 14th out of 23 teams, I feel the CBU team did extremely well, especially with having so few people with experience.

                Of course in the end, it wasn't about who won or who lost, but about charity and having fun. The event ended with a tribute to those women who have lost their fight to breast cancer and to cherish and celebrate those that have proven that their is life after cancer. Overall, I felt honoured to have participated in this event and would gladly participate again if given the chance.