BNAY Marketing Challenge

On December 1, we kicked off year two of the Business Network for Aboriginal Youth. There are a number of changes to the mentorship program, but the one that I think is most exciting is the naming of the groups. In consultation with a Mi'kmaw Elder, we chose animals common to Nova Scotia: Lentukk (deer), Wowkwisk (foxes), Paqtismu'k (wolves), Tiamuk (moose), Muinaq (bears), and Kitpu'k (eagles). During a meeting of the mentors in October, we immediately recognized that these names lend themselves to graphic representation and a marketing challenge was born!

With the guidance of a particularly crafty mentor, Ann Terese, we decided to invite each group of students to design a logo for their group and create t-shirts. In preparation, we made a group trip to Michaels to purchase fabric markers with our 50% off coupons and Allan collected other supplies, like white t-shirts and bristol board to place inside them to prevent ink transfer. The groups began planning their designs on Friday night and then on Saturday afternoon had the opportunity to execute them. There were some very impressive results!


And the crafty person inside of me is trying to come up with a reason to buy a set of fabric markers!