Financial Info

Estimated Cost of Living

The budget of each student will vary depending on their needs, tastes, program and choice of accommodation. The cost of living in Cape Breton isn’t as high as other areas of the country, but it is higher than other parts of the world.

For a cost breakdown of what International Students can expect to pay for one year of full-time study in an undergraduate program at Cape Breton University for the 2017/2018 academic year please see our tuition and fees information.

Please click here to see Residence and Meal Plan fees.

Students should also allow for approximately $1200-$1500 for textbooks and supplies.  Spending money for extracurricular activity should be considered as well according to the individual.

An international student who intends to register in full-time studies in an undergraduate program and live on campus can expect to have charges of approximately $27,000 Canadian dollars.

For more detailed information on tuition and fees, students are encouraged to visit the Tuition & Fees section to become familiar with Cape Breton University’s financial policies.

Deposit Refund Policy For New International Students

Please note that 100% of a student’s deposit will be returned in the case his/her study visa is not granted (appropriate documentation required). For fully accepted students arriving to CBU with a valid study permit, should you chose to withdraw, 50% of your tuition deposit is classified as non-refundable and automatically withheld/forfeited to CBU.  All international students who arrive in Canada choosing to leave CBU, must request a withdrawal and refund in person. Processing can take up to four weeks.

Opening a Bank Account

You will need two pieces of identification to open a bank account in Canada, one of which needs to be a photo identification.

Students are advised to arrive with cash and/or travelers cheques to carry you through the first few days while you get your bank account opened. Money can then be wired directly to your account from your home country.

There are several major banks in Canada with home branches throughout the country and Cape Breton. Research to see which financial institution offers you what you need. They are listed here in alphabetical order.

Bank of Montreal (BMO)

For information on BMO visit their website or contact one of their branches.


For all information concerning CIBC you can visit their website or contact one of their branches.

Credit Unions of Cape Breton

For information on Credit Unions of Cape Breton visit their website or contact one of the branches.

President’s Choice Financial

For information visit the President’s Choice Financial website or contact the branch.

Royal Bank (RBC)

For information visit the RBC website or contact one of the branches.


For information, visit the Scotiabank website or contact one of their branches.

TD Bank Financial Group

To find out about TD Bank Financial Group and the services they offer visit the TD Canada Trust website or contact their branch.