Accident Reporting Checklist

What to do if you have an accident at work, or observe a potential safety hazard:

As part of the internal responsibility system (IRS), all employees share responsibility for a safe and healthy workplace.  In an effort to contribute to a safe workplace, you may observe a situation that you feel could contribute to someone else having an accident.  And despite everyone’s best effort, a workplace accident may still occur.  What do you do?

Public Area

If you see a potential hazard in a public area of campus, for example, a classroom, the cafeteria, or outside, report the hazard to the department who can “fix” it.

  • If you can correct it quickly, do so.  For example, straighten out a rug, move a tripping hazard, or ask a member of the housekeeping staff to clean up a spill.
  • If you cannot correct it, and it presents an immediate hazard, if possible, post a sign or alert others in the area while you notify Facilities Management by phone at 1106 (or 563-1106).
  • Housekeeping hazards are reported to the Manager of Housekeeping at 1403 (or 563-1403).
  • Non-urgent maintenance issues may be reported to Facilities Management.

Within your work area or department

In the event of an ACCIDENT OR INJURY obtain medical aid first (if required).


  • Alert others to the danger.  Post a sign or tell your co-workers to avoid a repeat accident.
  • Tell your supervisor, right away, if possible, or as soon as you can.
  • Fill out an incident report that goes to our Safety Officer for investigation.
  • If there is lost time or medical aid, you must fill out a Workers’ Compensation formThis must be done within 5 calendar days of the accident or injury or CBU may face a fine.

A Supervisor or Manager, following receipt of a report:

  • If not done already, alert others to the danger.  Post a sign or tell co-workers to avoid a repeat accident.
  • Have the ‘danger’ fixed.  Depending on the urgency of the situation, call Facilities Management at 1106 (or 563-1106)
  • If needed, ask the Safety Officer to advise on precautions or remediation.  Call 1206 (563-1206).
  • In the event of lost time or medical aid, you must ensure a Workers’ Compensation form is filled out and sent to Human Resources within the time limit.
  • Ensure the Safety Officer is aware of the incident by sending the incident report form so that an investigation may occur.