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Media Training

As a member of Cape Breton University’s faculty, you are a well respected, trusted and contributing part of the community. As a result, you may be called upon by the media to share your expertise. We want you to know that with the right preparation and tips, media and reporters are not to be feared but embraced.

Responding to media opportunities creates an avenue to which the University, its faculty, staff and students can gain greater public awareness for various achievements, continuing university wide recognition. By working with the media, in a smart, honest, and accessible way, Cape Breton University and all it encompasses sustains its reputation for excellence both in and out of the classroom.

Download Media Training Guide

Website Training & Resources

Content Management for Contributors

This 90 minute session is a pre-requisite to contributor access.  More information on this session.

Faculty & Staff Webpages

Faculty and staff are invited to learn how to build their own professional website.

Attach Important Documents

Learn how to attach documents using the Student Resources custom post type so they are updated globally and out of date materials don’t get left behind.

Resources & Video Tutorials

Once you have access you may find that you need a little refresher from time to time-

Create a page will help you with the Page post type and the Academic Programs post type. If you need to add an Academic Program page just choose that post type from the WordPress menu on the left in your dashboard. How to create a blog post is also helpful to our CBU bloggers.

Links and images will make your pages and blogs more interesting.

Images should be sized properly before posting – Pixlr is a free online image editor that can help you with that. Pixlr will automatically convert images to a web-friendly 72 dpi. This tutorial will walk you through the steps. (Mac users note: The tutorial says it doesn’t work on a Mac, but it does!)

Most importantly, it is all about the content of your message and how you get it across. Some of our tips will help refresh your web writing skills.

Becky Chisholm
Director, Marketing & Communications

Office: CE338

Phone: 902.563.1638

Lenore Parsley
Communications Manager

Office: CE-335

Phone: 902.563.1389

Paige Westbury
Marketing Manager

Phone: 902-563-1122

Gail Jones
Production / Graphics Coordinator

Office: CE346

Phone: 902.563.1610

Chad Aucoin
Senior Graphics Designer

Office: CE-360

Phone: 902-563-1416

Jill Ellsworth
Digital Communications Specialist

Office: CE-337

Phone: 902-563-1160