Advertising Request Form-Financial

Sample Advertisements

New Sizes

New Rates Sizes August 2015

  1. Lead time required:  1 week.
  2. Size required:  see chart above for examples of ad sizes and their cost
  3. Run dates
  4. Payment format:  Please use the link here to fill out an IR for this service.
  5. Publication, e.g.
    • CB Post
    • Halifax Herald
    • Magazine
    • Other
  6. Images required?  If so, what type and content:  purchase commercial product or take originals.
  7. What text content will be needed.  Please note:  The content submitted to Graphics must be the final, approved content for use in the project.

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Gail Jones
Production / Graphics Coordinator

Office: CE346

Phone: 902.563.1610

Chad Aucoin
Senior Graphics Designer

Office: CE-360

Phone: 902-563-1416