Simple Acts of Kindness

Everyone deserves a little extra happiness in their life, so that’s why we partnered with Ramsay’s Honda to inject a little extra  joy into the Cape Breton community. The #CBURoadSquad will be cruising around in their 2017 Honda HR-V this summer, attending the hottest summer events and checking challenges off the #CBUStaycation bucket list, all while spreading some love with a few Simple Acts of Kindness along the way.

From putting money in expired parking meters to buying someone’s order in the drive-thru, you never know when the #CBURoadSquad will be around to brighten your day!

When we complete a Simple Act of Kindness, we’ll be leaving behind a pay it forward card. If you receive the card, it means that you’ve been challenged to join the #CBURoadSquad and Ramsay’s Honda in trying to brighten a stranger’s day with your own Simple Act of Kindness! Make sure to pass the card along to keep the Simple Acts of Kindness going for as long as possible.

We’d love to see you get involved, so if you make someone smile with a Simple Act of Kindness, show us! Make sure to use the hashtag #CBUKindness. 

Follow the #CBURoadSquad on their social channels to get involved and help make your fellow Capers smile!


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